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Your local OFTEC registered Plumbing and Heating Engineer.

Friendly & reliable service regarding all your Oil Heating and plumbing needs in South Lincolnshire.
Phil Door
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Have your Boiler Serviced and SAVE MONEY!!

Why Service your boiler?
Oil Boilers are very efficient and clean BUT to keep them running efficiently they need regular servicing, at least annually, as per manufacturers and OFTEC recommendations.  Oil nozzles wear and when worn they can cause sooting up of the boiler causing inefficient heat transfer and an increase in oil consumption, costing you money!!
A standard service to OFTEC Standards includes:
• Remove baffles & clean combustion chamber & heat exchanger
• Check oil tank & test for water contamination (which can cause serious burner problems)
• Replace oil nozzle with new nozzle as per manufacturers specification
• Oil pump pressure checked and adjusted
• Cleaning of photo cell and check operation
• Check condition of electrodes, clean & re set correctly
• Inspection of oil lines & cleaning of oil filters
• Check operation of fire valves
• Inspection & clean of fan and motor
• Examination of joints and flue pipes
• Inspection and cleaning of secondary exchanger (condensing appliances only)
• Inspection of condensate discharge pipe (condensing appliances only)
• Smoke testing to identify cleanliness of combustion
• Full electronic combustion  and analysis check and adjustment to gain optimum boiler efficiency (print out included)
• Completion of the OFTEC CD/11 service report form

A thorough standard service of your oil boiler will take between 2-3 hours to complete and cost from £75 (which includes a new nozzle)
There is no callout charge for breakdowns

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